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Move past whatever is holding you back to live life to the fullest, whether it is professional or personal.

  • 4 x one-on-one nutrition & health coaching sessions (via Zoom/Microsoft Teams).
  • Weekly contact for the duration of the 4 week program via WhatsApp/email with regards to any questions you may have or support you may need.


  • 4-weeks (must be completed within 6 weeks.)

  Payment plan

  • Once off payment discount available.
  • Custom payment plan can be discussed during consultation.

Who is it for:

This program is for anybody who is curious about healthy living and wants to learn how to incorporate simple changes into their daily routine to optimise their health and lifestyle.

What you can expect:  


  • Level up on your nutrition, learn how to make quick, easy and nutritious meals.
  • How to make time for yourself without feeling guilty.
  • Realistic Goal settings to create healthy habits. 
  • Work on a personalised meal plan to suit your needs  



Feel Better In Five

Five steps to wellness

Feel better in five

  1. Sleep more
  2. Move more
  3. Love more
  4. Eat well 
  5. Stress less 
  • 5 x one on one whole life health coaching sessions (via zoom/Microsoft Teams).
  • 3 x session month 1
  • 2 x session month 2
  • Weekly contact for the duration of the 8 week program via WhatsApp or email.


  • 8-weeks (must be completed in 10 weeks)

  Payment plan

  • Once off payment discount available.
  • Custom payment plan can be discussed during consultation.

Who is it for:

This 5 week feel better program is aimed at people who feel out of balance with their life and know that they need to make changes, but they lack the motivation to follow through on their goals and need someone to hold them accountable.

What you can expect: 

  • We look at your whole life and what areas are out of balance, with the focus on 5 different aspects, focusing on a different area each week. 
  • Setting realistic goals that align with your core values.
  • Customized meal plan



Plant Based Starter Program

Healthy living

  • 6 x one one one health coaching sessions (via zoom/Microsoft teams.)
  • 3 x month 1
  • 2 x month 2
  • 1 x month 3
  • Weekly contact for the duration of the 12 – 14 week program via WhatsApp or email.


  • 12-weeks (must be completed in 14 weeks)

  Payment plan

  • Once off payment discount available.
  • Custom payment plan can be discussed during consultation

Who is it for:

Have you been told to eat more fruits and veggies but don’t know where to start?  Do you have a health condition that you want to get under control?  Are you just curious on how to incorporate more plants into your diet, or do you just want to learn on how to have a healthy balanced lifestyle on a plant based diet.  Don’t know where to go to get clear, assessable and realistic nutritional information?

What you can expect: 

  • Where do you get your protein, iron, calcium and other essential vitamins and minerals
  • Batch cooking
  • Healthy meals in under 20 minutes
  • Plant based substitutes
  • What to buy?
  • Plant based information on the benefits of a predominantly plant based diet, not just for your health but that of the planet as well.
  • What are the healthiest foods, learn about evidence based nutrition.





Candice Moodie

I have been in a very bad space with my health and with my eating for many years. The last 2 years I have tried desperately every way I knew how but nothing worked and nothing changed.

I found out I have issues with my iron and adrenals that I need to sort out.

My coach helped me to change the way I think about food and eating in a subtle way that helped me be more mindful and was very encouraging.

After just 2 weeks I had put on weight! I was feeling much better and had much more energy. For months I struggled to leave the house, but by week 3 I was hiking in Rustenburg! A massive change in such a short time! 3 years I had been trying to fix myself and now in 3 weeks I could do something I’d been dreaming of.

Around week 3 I had a whole office’s worth of work put on me! I was suddenly busy from the moment I opened my eyes until 10/11pm at night. Past me would have been so anxious and overwhelmed that I would have not done anything. With the help of my coach I managed to get so much done, stay on track, believe in myself and not get too overwhelmed but to just keep taking it one at a time. I am so proud of all I’ve been able to accomplish.

Thank you to my coach for all your support, information, care and help. Thank you for bringing me closer to being myself and living my life.

Shaun Williams

It was a great experience, the thing that stood out for me was that I got to learn more about myself, my emotions, and where I am in my head space. Learning the emotional part made it easier for me to get to change a few small things that made a big difference in my daily routine. I could use the advice that you gave to feel both a physical and emotional change in my well-being which in turn made me feel more positive. 

Another way that you helped was by getting my family involved to support me so that we could do this as a family and better our family lifestyle together. It is very rewarding for us as a family and realising that small changes can make a big difference. Our lifestyle as a family changed for the better and you started this through the sessions we had.

It was great to meet you and all the info that you shared helped me to form a foundation to build upon and to better my lifestyle.  I appreciate the work you put in, your patience, support, accountability and for accommodating me at all times. We built a great relationship and I can see you walking a long road with your clients.  You made good progress and I would not have learned and changed and felt so excited and it’s all about the way that you presented everything. The whole aim of this 8-week session was to lose weight but I learned so much more about myself, and even though I didn’t lose a lot of weight I learned how to be more accepting and kinder towards myself.  I had a great holiday regardless of whether I lost weight or not and it was an awesome revelation to feel comfortable on the beach and not be so hard on myself about not being perfect.  I realise now that the way I feel in my skin determines the way that other people perceive me. There was never a time during the holiday that I felt that I didn’t want to do this or that because of how I look.

Thank you that I was able to enjoy my holiday,  I look forward to exercising more and getting fitter and being a healthier dad and husband, so I would say that we accomplished our goal, even surpassed it by the change in my feelings towards myself, and that this is more emotional than physical. I needed to sort the emotional side first so that I could start working on a permanent change to work towards a healthier me.   I want to stick to my goal of losing 30 kgs and I know it’s a long-term goal but I feel ready and excited to do it.  Thank you for this.

Sharika Maniram

I have had the pleasure of working with Mandi Van der Walt as my health coach on the four-week plan and was pleasantly surprised by the entire programme.

The modules in the programme taught me a lot about myself and where I needed assistance as well as highlighted the type of assistance needed to achieve my goal of a healthy lifestyle and a state of wellness.

Mandi created a non judgemental, non regimented, safe and caring environment in which to discuss health concerns and potential barriers.

The motivation provided by her daily messages of encouragement was something new and welcomed by myself who had never worked with a coach before.

Mandi’s guidance and care continued on throughout the entire process which was something I did not expect but found very helpful.

I would definitely recommend Mandi as a Health Coach.  My experience was a very positive one.

Salisha Naidoo

During the 4 weeks program, I have learned a lot. I managed to prioritise my health and fitness journey, it has rapidly improved.

When I started my health score, blood, and sugar score was extremely high, at the end of the program, it significantly dropped. I managed to lose a bit of weight. I’m almost at my goal weight, I stopped snacking a lot of chocolates and unhealthy foods and replaced them with healthier alternatives.

Regardless of the time Mandi has always supported and motivated me and has always encouraged me to try delicious healthy recipes. Anyday to everyone I’ll gladly recommend Mandi. What’s your excuse? What are you waiting for?

Corne Botha

I went into this whole process with a positive attitude. There were days I struggled and needed support  – those days my health coach helped me to break it down and really encouraged me through helping me to focus on what I already conquered! I really enjoyed the sessions and it helped me to be mindful! I think MINDFULNESS was the most important thing I learnt!

Thank you Mandy!



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